Independent Financial Advice and Guidance

I am Gregory W. Hang, CFP®, CPA, an independent financial advisor dedicated to helping my clients navigate their financial goals. I focus on building personal relationships with my clients as I work to understand their needs, goals and dreams.  In this process, I create customized strategic financial plans designed to the individual client.

I offer a wide variety of services for individuals, couples and small businesses.  The foundation of all services is providing unbiased and straightforward education to my clients.  We work together towards improving financial outcomes through budgeting, risk assessment, financial modeling and investment management.  The path that we chart seems fixed at first, but we can all look back on our lives and see changes that have occurred and that will likely occur in the future.  I work with clients as life shifts and changes to strive toward these sometimes evolving goals.

I work with a wide range of clients from those just starting out to those approaching or already in retirement.  Each of these situations is a time of transition with new goals and strategies.  My focus on education as well as a number of financial tools allows us to identify the best strategies to work towards needs and goals.  Often times I work with other trusted advisors to ensure that our strategy is cohesive and that it is fully integrated with all aspects of your planning.

Please feel free to contact me today at (513)229-3650 to learn more about how my client-centered and educationally focused approach can help you pursue your financial goals.

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